The best credit card?

Credit card with proper selection and in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement can be quite convenient and even profitable. Therefore, processing credit card, please note the following key features:
First, the availability of the grace period (grace period). Many banks now offer a grace period of 50 days. During this period you will not receive interest for use of loan funds. This can be very convenient because you can use the borrowed money to pay, not pay the Bank. Moreover, some banks offer interest-free period only for cashless purchases on the card, other banks, and cash withdrawals. Some banking institutions are willing to offer a grace period of 100 days (Alfa-Bank) or even up to 200 days (vanguard Bank).
The second important aspect is the annual maintenance cost. Naturally, the lower it is, the better for you. But here the miracle is not worth waiting, as most banks operating still average market value, which for cards category Classic is about 700 rubles per year. This Commission will have to pay anyway, no matter you use a credit card, or is it gathering dust on your bookshelf. However, there are banks that offer to pay for the card only if it has a debt. That is, you pay for the card only when using credit funds. Such a proposal, for example, operates in home Credit Bank.
Third, you should pay attention, deciding to make or not the credit card is the interest rate for using credit funds. The interest rate banks appointed on the basis of their tariff policy, as well as depending on characteristics of the client. For example, if you are a payroll customer of the Bank, as a rule, the rate on the loan you will be assigned is lower than any other client. Also, the rate can depend on your solvency, the form of proof of income and many other characteristics. Some banks establish for all a single rate. One of the most profitable at the moment, proposals in the plan are interest rate credit card Bank VTB 24 (18%), credit card MDM Bank (19%) and Avangard Bank (15%). Average market rate is about 25-27% per annum in rubles.
And finally, some cards are bonus and discount programs that allow you to save while you shop and accumulate points and bonuses that in the future (depending on the Bank and card) can be exchanged for prizes, tickets, services of mobile operators, etc.

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