How to choose credit card

The financial market presents a large variety of credit cards, which is easy to get confused. How to choose a credit card, so that it generates income to the holder, improved its welfare, and was not a heavy burden?
Planning to apply for a credit card, you need to determine what you are going to use it the most.
It is worth remembering that the credit card is intended primarily for settlement, so to remove it unprofitable. Many banks set higher interest rates on the cashed funds and deprive the cardholder of the possibility to use grace period in respect of the encashment. Also do not forget about the commissions that often accompany withdrawals of cash. If you plan to regularly withdraw money from the card, you should choose a credit card with a grace period that applies to cash advances and no fee for cash withdrawals.
If you do not plan to use a credit card constantly, and you want it in case of unforeseen costs, it is necessary to issue a card without payment for annual service. This will allow you to save money.

Special attention to co-branded cards that the Bank issues, with the participation of any partner (filling stations, trade network, a cellular operator, the airline). These credit cards give the chance to receive bonuses, points, miles, minutes, etc. in carrying out cashless payments.
If you love to shop and use to pay for their purchases with credit card, the cash back card* will be the best solution, because a certain percentage of the value of your purchases back to your card account.
Map selection is determined by your financial possibilities and needs.
Main characteristics of credit cards are the credit limit, the amount of bonuses and other benefits that accrue to the card holder. Depending on this, the cards are divided into classic and preferred (gold and platinum). Preferred cards are distinguished by a large credit limits in comparison with classical maps and the special terms of customer service. According card the interest rate may be lower, but annual maintenance will be expensive. Platinum cards allow their holders to get discounts at expensive restaurants, jewelry shops, hotels, etc., as well as additional services such as round-the-clock support by phone, taxi, insurance for travel abroad etc.
You want to get a loan on favorable terms? Then you need to have:
official place of work;
a good salary with the Bank you need to provide a certificate confirming the official income;
a positive credit history.
Banks strongly encourage their regular customers, so they provided lower interest rates on credit cards, a longer grace period, large credit limits, low annual fee for the service, or lack thereof.
To get a credit card on beneficial terms it is possible, and if used in accordance with the purposes for which it was formed, can enhance their well-being or to maintain your status. AO Citibank offers a wide selection of credit cards, choose the most convenient for you card and complete an online application form to receive the link

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