How to choose a credit card?

Commissions and other payments. The cost of services for various operations on the map. For example, banks often charge higher fees for withdrawing money at ATMs or for deposits.

3. Credit limit. Determine what the maximum amount you want to borrow from the Bank. All cards have a limit on issuance of credit. Limit is determined based on your creditworthiness. The higher the income, the higher the threshold of the loan. If too large a limit, there is a danger of losing control over spending and getting into debt. To avoid this, carefully keep track of your expenses and promptly return the debt.

4. Grace period. This period of time (sometimes banks call it a «grace period») during which you are free to use the loan funds, making only the minimum payment. On average it is equal to 50-60 days. After the end of the grace period, the Bank produces interest.

5. The availability of additional options. For you it is important to monitor the expenditure of funds therefore it is necessary to connect service of SMS informing about the movement of money on the account or Internet banking. Also useful will be the availability of bonus programs – from paying the goods and services you will receive various benefits, such as accumulating points for purchases.

All this information is already taken into account by the Compare To select the suitable card you need to enter only a few parameters, and the calculator of credit cards will offer a list the best proposals of banks.

Tip If you frequently fly on airplanes, apply for a credit card, combined with the bonus program of the airline you prefer the most. So, the loan will allow you to save up for a premium ticket.

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